The Verisade Library contains information about cyber security and Australian business, including information about threats, current controls and best practice, strategies and white papers.


How secure are we?

What do you report when asked how secure you are?

As company board members and executives take more interest in how cyber threats could affect their business, their attention will be drawn to security reporting. They will be looking for the answer to the question: 'How secure is our company?'

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Cyber security strategy

Annual strategic planning provides direction for your cyber security program

The beginning of the year is the perfect time to kick off your cyber security program or, if you already have one in place, to review its current priorities. What should you focus on? Take a look internally - there is a wealth of information available within to help shape your cyber security strategy in a way that will serve your organisation.

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Collateral Damage

It won’t happen here—we’re not a high profile target!

Attacks launched on the internet are increasingly sophisticated with attackers no longer focusing directly on their primary targets and instead utilising the assets of unsuspecting third parties.

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